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What has been going on lately? Hmm

I realized this weekend that I don't live at my apartment anymore. Like... I just pay big bills for a large storage facility for all my shit. Which... is annoying. Ugh, August 1st is going to take FOREVER to get here. I've officially got a drawer at Zaniel's place. So that I don't have to stop by my apt every single morning to grab new clothes. I should have thought of that earlier, but I wasn't ready to let go yet. I guess now I have. *sob*

We were going to crash at my apartment last night, even, but we decided that we'd have more privacy at the farm. Plus it was easier to drive last night than it would have been this morning. We had to go to church this morning because the twins were being "honored" at church for their graduation (they got gift certificates, engraved bibles, and a few kind words... generally missable, but it was important to mom, of course).

It's so weird having people who havn't seen me in a few years (like the church ladies) ask me about the ex (well, all they really ever say is "whatever happened to...") if they havn't heard the story. It's just like... I don't know, it feels like a whole lifetime ago. I don't even remember what he looks like or sounds like or anything. I guess he's a daddy by now... geez. Maybe I should have put him on the prayer list at mom's church (haha).

Penny will be a mommy any day now too. Her baby shower is Saturday. I hope she doesn't pop by then. Actually, I hope she does so I can see the baby. I looooove babies. I miss tiny babies. The twins seem so old already. I mean, they're only a year. Mostly I just want to hang out with teenier babies. I'll have to call up Penny and Bea (and Cooper? haha) and offer to babysit.

Speaking of babies, I've gotta wake up at 8 tomorrow to take care of mine (well... you know what I mean), so I should get to bed. I didn't sleep much last night (haha...)

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