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craziest dream ever!!

So a bunch of people are all going to see "Spamalot", for some reason. We all walk in and have OK seats, but Zaniel completely ignores me, so I wander off to spite him. I end up finding Erin (W.) and sitting with her, and for some reason she has front row seats. Like, our seats are on the stage and so we're having to catch flying props and chat with the actors while they're resting and everything (judging by the way the actors were dressed and the sorts of props, it was more like a circus than a monty python production, but you never know with monty python). Anyway, I can see Zaniel and all of the rest of our friends across the way and he's got his arm around some other girl, looking like he doesn't even know I'm not there.

All of the sudden, this prop flies at me so I grab it, and it's like... gooey or something so I leave in a huff to go wash my hands. Anyway, since we're like right on stage, apparently we're in some elite section and there's this fancy bar right as I walk out. Well, the bar has a sink behind it, so I climb over and wash my hands. Then, this rich italian guy comes up and for some reason I know that he owns the stage where this is being performed, and it turns out that we have some strange sordid Ayn Rand-esque affair... that whole part seemed really out of the blue. But anyway, as I'm sitting there on the bar we have this intense, passionate kiss, and he lifts me off of the bar and all of the sudden I notice that I'm like really pretty. I mean, I'm like thin... that's the only difference. Haha.

Anyway, now Erin comes back and convinces me to go find Zaniel (why she left her prime seat to come meddle in my affair, I have no clue, hahaha). And so we go, but he's still just totally ignoring me. Then, he fucking gets up and moves seats, to like 6 down away from where I'm standing, and Erin follows him and sits down next to him, and then he puts his arm around her! And they like cuddle and shit while watching the play. So I sit down where he was sitting, and to my right is this guy that looks just like Nathan Hamilton. So I try to talk to him, but he turns out to not be Nathan Hamilton. But apparently I know him, too, and he's got this younger brother that's sitting behind me, and I turn to the younger brother and say "Oh yeah, you used to be best friends with Nathan's little brother... you were the two readheaded kids" or something weird like that, and then he said something weird also that I didn't really get.

So I get bored with the Nathan lookalike, so I turn to my left and it's freaking Barak Messina! He's an old friend of mine from middle school. Anyway, he sees that I'm upset but for some reason he thinks it's because my air conditioning is broken? Which it was, a few days ago, but it got fixed, but that doesn't matter to me anyway because I don't live there anymore. So he's trying to comfort me, and I'm just trying to convince him that that's not what's bugging me, and thinking about whether or not I should tell him about how Zaniel's been pissing me off, and eventually I realize that he has put his arm around me, and so I just snuggle into him and watch the rest of the show.

For some reason, though, the show had turned into like a cartoon holograph or something by then. I don't really get that little plot twist, but basically that's when I woke up.

Man, that was like the 3rd Zaniel being mean/ cheating on me dream I've had in the past month. I hate them!!! I don't get it. Anyone care to analyze it for me? I used to be really good at that shit, but this one... I don't have a clue. Post some comments.
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