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babies babies babies!!!

Hahahahahaha. I figured out how to change my actual url on myspace. Now instead of a number, I'm "andiberri". Which gives me a monopoly on that name. Sweet. Because, you know, "andi" is always already taken.

Hung out with Penny and Bea yesterday, and they're both just about to pop. And apparently Cooper had his baby the night before last. It's like having a baby is the latest trend. Crazy. Brian was talking about when Zaniel and I are getting married, and I'm really frustrated to think that it may be quite a while from now. I just can't wait to skip ahead to when we both have our jobs and a house and babies on the way. I mean, I want some time to settle our careers and travel and have fun with Zaniel before we get pregnant, but at the same time... I want babies. Well, not really. I'll help Bea and Penny with theirs and that will be better than having to deal with my own.

I love being a nanny... maybe when the twins get too old to have a nanny (I wonder if they ever will?) I'll work for Penny or Bea.

Yesterday I bought a papasan frame for $20 at an estate sale, which makes me really happy. I've always wanted one, and Casey promised me his and then that never went through. And now we'll have one, for our new place! God I wish August 1st was tomorrow. I can't wait to just be living together and not having to worry about all the back and forth bullshit.

I had another weird dream this morning, but all I can remember about it was that it was weird. Hmm.

Speaking of babies, I need to wake up early tomorrow to tend to the twins, so I ought to go to sleep.

Oh yeah, and I started "Bushworld" by Maureen Dowd. She's great.

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