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all about MIKE

I wrote a huge long journal entry and didn't say anything about Mike. Which is SO unlike me. Because I <3 Mike.

Mike is just sooooo great. I could write about him all day long. Or picture him naked, which is more fun. (haha)

Mike just wrote a journal entry that was very cryptic. It was a poem or song lyrics or something, and it seemed like it was written about God (since the "You's" were capitalized), but I think it was really about Michelle. He misses Michelle. That's so sweet. So either he was trying to say something about how she's his God, or else... he's a retard.

Hey, just because this entry's all about Mike doesn't mean I can't insult him.

But I won't. Because the poor kid's lonely. Although, he really doesn't have to be. His myspace account says he's a mormon, so I keep trying to tell him that I'll be his second wife. I could keep him company while Michelle's at UM army. And you know what I mean by "keep him company." *wink, wink*

Although, I'm not sure I can handle him all school year while Michelle's in San Marcos. That might be a little much of Mike. I don't think Zaniel would like to have to share me. Unless it was with a girl and he got to watch. Hmm.. maybe we can dress Mike up like a girl and have a threesome. That would be SO HOTT.

...Wow, this was just meant to be a playful joke about Mike and it turned raunchy and RANDOM really fast.

I'm such a spaz. I just started thinking about being Mike's second wife and I got all excited. Haha.

Mike Mike Mike. I <3 Mike.

this is a haiku
i wrote just for mikey-poo
you are such a dork

Ok shit!! Now you're here. In this house. That just makes me drunk with love! But actually I just don't want you to walk in here and think that I'm really gay (haha, well, you will when you read this anyway) So I'm going to wrap this bitch up.

Bitch, come have sex with Mike Hutchinson. (yeah... it doesn't sound as good that way.)

I'm Rick James, bitch!

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