Andrea (andiberri) wrote,

It's more than a little bit curious how you plan to go about making your amends to the dead

Well well well...

I've been meaning to write a post for quite some time now, but I've got free time right now and something just happened that was the icing on the cake, as far as interesting stuff goes. Well, not quite the icing, I mean, I didn't get abducted by aliens or anything, but it was interesting nonetheless.

I just bumped into my ex's mother and sister at Old Navy. Crazy. Haha... she was telling me about how great he's doing and everything that he's doing with his life, and asked me about mine, and then (since I was with him,) she met Zaniel. It was interesting. Well, I say she, but really they. I just never really talked to Maddy much. I always got the impression she didn't really like me. I don't know. Aaaanyways.

There are so many things I just want to write about, even though none of them are terribly interesting. Like how yesterday Michelle H. and I went and got our nails done together.

Or... and this is pretty depressing, so brace yourself, my boss's dog died. We had just put the babies down for their nap, and I was washing some dishes or bottles or something, and she just... whined, this really loud, pained whine, and collapsed. I could tell she was dying (well, the doctors said that was how it was going to happen), so I just sat with her while Liz was running around trying to call the vet, and she just... died right there in my arms. It was pretty traumatic, since I've only ever seen one thing die before, and that was just a teeny tiny bird. Nikki was huge... she was like a person there convulsing on me.

Needless to say, work's been a little more rough, since the babies miss her, and Liz and David are both pretty depressed. And David wants me to work more, so Liz isn't alone as much. Which is okay, because... I like having money. Specially because I want to save up for our place. I just can't fucking wait for August 1st to be here. Although I am really really scared. I mean, especially because of these fucking dreams. I had another one last night, where he cheated on me with one of his ex girlfriends. Anyway, I have to wrap this up because we're about to leave to go chill at a friend's house. Finish later.
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