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In my dreams, people SUCK

Zaniel has finally stopped cheating on me in my dreams. He did it like 12 times in the past 2 months, and then I guess my psyche just gave up on that one.

Unfortunately, it's moved on to something worse. These last two dreams, first my mother, then last night my father, kill themselves. What the fuck?!?! Give me the cheating dreams back! Oh, and last night was the worst, because I'm such a damned daddy's girl. He hung himself at the farm, and my mother and I found him, and we pulled him down but we were just like a moment too late. I mean, he was still warm and everything.

And then... well, haha, I could tell it was a dream at that part, because I had a conversation with my father's spirit or whatever. But still... it was creepy. What the fuck are these dreams about?? None of this could possibly happen. And, except for getting cheated on, it's not like any of this has happened before so I'm afraid. And really, I'm not afraid about Zaniel, just because he's too good for that. That's just a general anxiety since it's happened before. But I have no anxiety about my parents killing themselves. I mean... sheesh, do I need to see a psychologist or something??

Well anyway... about my waking (aka better) life, I've had two days off of work (well, this is my second), so that's pretty cool. Although this makes it the longest time that I havn't worked since Christmas. Crazy, huh? I got a stomach bug and Catherine got a cold at the same time so Liz just wants us to stay away from each other to keep us from getting the other's illness. Although, I'm all better today. And whether or not Catherine's better, I'm going to work on Wednesday. I think mostly Liz just wanted to keep Catherine from getting what I had than vice versa.

Slightly unfortunately, however, today was the day that Zaniel was going to help his sister move (back in with her terrible, awful, mean nasty husband who she was SO CLOSE to divorcing until she chickened out), so I guess I'm going to help him with that, which means... it's not really a day off as much as a day doing other work. And this... I don't think I'm getting paid for. She didn't pay us when we spent like WEEKS buying all of her furniture with her and moving it in and assembling it and decorating her apartment for her and all of that, so... hmm. But at least the two of us DID assemble her furniture, so it'll be easier to diss- and re- assemble it for the move. But... I still don't know if I want to be doing any heavy work on my day off after I got over a stomach virus. Maybe I'll just do all the easy tool stuff and let Z do the heavy lifting. Yeah.

Have I mentioned that it's like SIX DAYS till we sign our lease?! Which means, if we play our cards right, six days until we can start moving in our stuff. And only 12 days until our official move-in day anyway. All we still need are some kitchen things and decorative things... maybe some plants. Eeee! I'm so excited. I remember when Zaniel and I first started talking about maybe moving in together, he kept telling me it could never happen because of his mother and the expenses and everything and... somehow we made it work! And it's happening in twelve days!!! Aaand, my birthday is in less than a month. And then I go to orientation week at Rice! My life is getting so exciting. Or else... I'm a big dork.

Aaaanyway... Zaniel's out of the shower, so I better go get ready myself.

I just hope these damned dreams stop!!!
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