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Well, so much has happened. I feel like I havn't posted in forever. Hmm....

Zaniel and I are all moved in now. Our place is beautiful, but unfortunately I don't get to live there at the moment. Zaniel and I had a pretty big fight and so I'm crashing at my parents indefinitely... I guess we're breaking up.

JUST KIDDING. Haha.. I don't know why I thought that would be funny. I'm actually just stuck at Rice for a week for orientation. We're doing alot of fun stuff, like pranks on the other colleges (residential colleges... it's a Rice thing), and last night we played broomball at the icerink in the Galleria, and there have been a bunch of parties and stuff. Plus, it's really helpful to have all this time off work to really get into the Rice life.

For instance, I've had plenty of time to plan out my schedule, work on getting all my credits transferred properly, and do little maintenance things like getting my ID and everything. It's been a very useful week, although a bit boring at times. I'm making friends and getting involved, even though my dorm is like a hotel room for me, whereas to everyone else it's home. But still, I'm going to get involved in things, keep doing plays, parties, stuff like that. I'm pretty stoked.

Mostly, I'm just astonished. I mean, two years ago I just sort of shoved my unfinished application in my desk, thinking there was no use in trying because I would never make it to Rice. And now here I am, sitting in the commons of the best of all nine colleges (Team Wiess! Woo!), at Rice -motherfucking- University!

Ok, I really don't mean to brag, but I'm just really happy. Of course, I should have come here 2 years ago, but at least I'm here now. And it's great. I just saw Sue (our college coordinator) come in, so I think I'm going to go get my registration pin from her and then get lunch. Which reminds me of two more cool points of interest: 1) the food here rocks. Our servery (it's just for our college and the one next door, apparently all the others on campus aren't as good) is ranked 2nd in the nation. Which, lemme tell ya, is five hundred times better than that HBU garbage. 2) My classes!! I'm taking: Social Psych and Statistical Methods (both for my Psych major), and then just some fun ones: Linguistics, Sociology of the family (which will be really really useful if I do become a school psychologist or a social worker... or a mom, haha), and theatre!!!

But I'm getting all wrapped up in school. I can't forget the other really really important thing in my life, which is moving in with Zaniel. Everyone needs to come see our place! It gets better every day. Zaniel's fixing up all the electronic gizmos and we've got like surround sound and everything just looks beautiful. All we need is to get our artwork up, but I think Zaniel's going to do some of that while I'm gone to surprise me. He's so cute. I love him. I wish I could be sleeping with him every night. The teeny tiny dorm bed is not my favorite way to sleep, by any means. Anyway, I realy am gonna go now. Check ya later!
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