Andrea (andiberri) wrote,

rita rita ri-ta!

Sooo... we're all gonna die.

Not really.

Okay, I know this is crazy, but I'm really worried about my ex boyfriend. I mean... it's probably alot because he has a baby. God, hearing all these stories about irresponsible people with their kids (like David's story) just disgusts me. Not that I think he'll be irresponsible with his kid, but... I don't know. I worry. I don't really know about Bea, but I know that Penny's safely out of town, and I know my twins are safely far away, so I guess he's just the only person with a baby whose fate I'm unsure of.

I'm crazy.

I'm also feeling insecure because today is mine and Zaniel's year and a half anniversary and noone's ever handled me for more than a year and a half. (Cooper kept getting tired of me right around then) And now I think maybe Zaniel's getting tired of me. I mean... his life is just really stressful and either I make it worse or else he just takes it out on me which makes me feel like I make it worse. Either way, every time something bad happens in our life, I feel more insecure about us. And I hate that feeling.

I've just been panicky lately, because with everyone it always seems like a year and a half is the limit of how much a person can be close to me.

...I'm going to stop talking now.
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