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First things first

Gotta clarify, for my loyal readers out there (*blows iar kisses* you love me! you really love me!)

Prop 2 is coming up on the ballot November 8th wedged in between silly little mortgage rules and less important things, and its goal is to create an amendment to the Texas Constitution that would forever forbid any type of legal union between members of the same sex. Keep in mind that, especially in Texas, it's much easier to get an amendment passed than to revoke it, so we really have to act now to keep it off the books.

Due to... God knows what, I'm sure the Republicans say "the will of the people", 11 states have already garnered in their own versions of this amendment. Well, I say there's no way that's the will of the people! We're smarter than that, and we believe in equal rights, and we know and love people that this would seriously detriment, and so we know that in order to get things done we MUST go out and show those Republicans that we're ready to use our Vote! (since we didn't as much as we needed to for the last presidential election, which if we had would have made this amendment quite unwanted, I believe)

Okay... end of politics... on to more beautiful things.

Zaniel and Holly picked me up from class last night and we drove home with the top down and it was a beautiful night. And then when we got home we had a little jam session, and Holly played what Zaniel had taught her on the guitar while I was in class, and I played the bass, and then Zaniel played guitar while Holly and I sang.

It was just a really wonderful moment.

The End.
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