Andrea (andiberri) wrote,

It's about to get political up in this bitch

Well whether you're a Republican or a Democrat I can bet, if you're a friend of mine, that you at least have some respect for human rights and civility. Bush's nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court spits in the face of equality and threatens to significantly bias the radical right for many years to come. This would cause many of the decisions of the court to be heavily weighted on the side of the radical right, and I think we can all agree that radicalism on either side doesn't amount to much in the way of fairness or human rights. I know this (it's a petition that will automatically send an e-mail to our senators from whoever is willing to simply give their e-mail address) may not do much, but especially here in Texas the voice of the Democrats must be stronger because we are just as powerful and committed... aren't we? Prove it.

Thank you.

<3 Andi
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